Other works translated by Patty Crane

Lovisa Ringborg Phantom Limbs.jpg

by Lovisa Ringborg
translated by Patty Crane
(Max Ström Bokförlaget, 2019)

This collection of work by Swedish photographer and visual artist Lovisa Ringborg blurs the boundaries between inner and outer worlds, highlighting the power of the subconscious. An introductory interview with the artist offers a fascinating window into her creative process and inspirations.

Anna Claren's When Everything Changed.jpg


by Anna Clarén
translated by Patty Crane
(Max Ström Bokförlaget, 2018)

Swedish photographer Anna Clarén used her camera as a tool for both documentation and therapy after her third child was diagnosed with autism and the family struggled to re-calibrate its sense of balance. Written in the form of a script, the narrative is unusual, compelling, and fierce in its honesty.